[gobolinux-users] Build gobo 015 from scratch with Compile and Scripts.

dj Brokolie at vollbio.de
Fri May 7 00:23:10 NZST 2010

> As far as bootstrapping a build from source without a Gobo host
> system, it is possible. You can go through LFS, making the appropriate
> changes to paths and so forth, until you get to the stage that the
> tools work in your environment, and from there build normally. With a
> little care you can probably just do the LFS bootstrap work itself and
> a little more. You could also get a ChrootCompile environment set up
> in a host system and build packages, which you could then extract into
> place. Both of those should give pretty much the same result in the
> end once you've built everything cleanly.
Hmm.. Ok.. I get the LFS book and build a toolchain to the point where
Compile and Scripts work. Ideally I can install the entire system on top
of it.

> You won't get an 015 system out of any of those, though if you'd like
> to work on getting things there it would be welcome. There is a tools
> branch you can use (which hasn't been merged into trunk yet despite
> the plans for it), and packages created so far on karlsson.sytes.net.
> It probably isn't too far off reaching a usable-if-very-imperfect
> state, so it's just a matter of getting the work actually done on it.
> Aliens at least is part of the current release, I must point out.
Ok.. I use the current stable release. What are the main differences
between 014 and 015..? Because, as far as I can remember Aliens was one
some time ago...

> -Michael
Thanks for your answer.
-- Dominique

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