[gobolinux-users] DistroWatch.

Hisham Muhammad hisham at gobolinux.org
Fri Apr 1 03:22:30 NZDT 2011

On Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 7:42 AM, K Lowe <klowe at ricsonline.org> wrote:
> Quote: "GoboLinux Forum: Support and General Discussion: Distrowatch:
> Charles Wilson
> Just trolling around Distrowatch and decided to check Gobo from there and
> found that it was NOT listed in the "Select Distro" field but was in the
> "Type Distro Name" field.
> Ummm...Is someone trying to tell me something?"
> Perhaps, as the DistroWatch information page for GoboLinux was updated on
> the 25 March 2011 and its Status is now Dormant not Active.


I don't know if it's fair to qualify the distro as "dormant" since the
Recipes are being actively updated:


But yes, the latest official iso is from late 2008, which is a *long*
time ago. We had a work-in-progress ISO for 015 in the works for a
long time but no one was able to dedicate the time required for the
kind of sprint needed to polish it up for release. (The system is
installable with some tweaks, but there were problems with the
bootloader and some packages still had random crashes, which means not
all builds were entirely clean).

I run GoboLinux on a daily basis (014.01 at work, the unfinished 015
at home) and I intend to keep using GoboLinux for the forseeable
futere, which means we'll simply have to have a new release out
eventually. There have been some talks offlist and some work related
to building a new ISO from scratch, but nothing announceable yet. I
know we've come to (adjusted to proportions) a "Duke Nukem Forever"
sort of situation, but I guess what I wanted to say is that no, we
haven't abandoned the project. :)

-- Hisham

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