[gobolinux-users] Errors galore when trying to Compile, InstallPackage

Adam Windes adam_windes at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 23 04:51:35 NZST 2011

So while attempting to install Rlocate, I was receiving a configure error:

checking if capabilities are built-in... yes
configure: error: *** Capabilities must be built as a module or kernel config.
PrepareProgram: configure failed.
Compile: Preparation step failed.

I figured it was either a poorly configured package, or I needed to update my Compile (it was from the original 014.01 iso).

While attempting to update compile:

InstallPackage Compile 1.13.3
InstallPackage: Source and destination directory are the same (/Programs/Compile/1.12.2)

I thought that was odd, so I went through and completely deleted the Compile directory.

Attempted it again:

InstallPackage Compile 1.13.3

Got further this time, but it came up with a warning saying the file hash generate with incompatible version of Scripts.

I figured I then had a update Scripts...


InstallPackage Scripts 2.10.2
InstallPackage: Source and destination directory are the same (/Programs/Scripts/2.8.4)

Any ideas as to what's going on or what I may be doing wrong? I don't remember ever having this issue with previous installs (this is all a fresh install of 014.01).

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