[gobolinux-users] Errors galore when trying to Compile, InstallPackage

James Browning jamesb192 at cableone.net
Sat Apr 23 06:38:30 NZST 2011

On Friday April 22 2011 09:51:35 AM Adam Windes wrote:
> So while attempting to install Rlocate, I was receiving a configure error:
> checking if capabilities are built-in... yes
> configure: error: *** Capabilities must be built as a module or kernel
> config. PrepareProgram: configure failed.
> Compile: Preparation step failed.
> I figured it was either a poorly configured package, or I needed to update
> my Compile (it was from the original 014.01 iso).
(resending from the right email address)
Honestly, I don't have enough info to form a valid opinion. (EVIL)That has 
never stopped me before. It seems from the contents of the website[1] I found 
and rubbing the spot on my desk where the palantir used to be that you need to 
compile a new kernel with some specific options. There might be some other stuff 
but given how much I am getting for this help I really do not care. also the 
fact that the last tarball is ~44 months olds might discourage users.(/EVIL)

[1] http://rlocate.sourceforge.net/#kernel_configuration

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