[gobolinux-users] Spam Documents.

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Wed May 25 22:04:25 NZST 2011

James Browning wrote:
> Given the size and apparent activity of the community, it might be feasible to 
> disable editing from browsers not-signed-in and disable account generation 
> from within the wiki itself.

That sounds like a very bad idea.  It would hinder the community in
growing again.  I think enabling OpenID logins would help people
like me to edit the wiki again.  I don't remember if I have a login
already and I'm reluctant to create another login.

Are there decent anti-spam tools for MediaWiki?  I know a few
community groups which are facing similar problems.  It seems like
if you don't have the community critical mass of wikimedia, there's
nothing good available.

Just to be clear: captchas (and, even worse, physical ability tests
which aren't captchas but call themselves captchas) are not anti-spam

Hope that helps,
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