[gobolinux-users] Boot themes invonveniences

Z.B. zbigniew2011 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 1 10:46:34 NZST 2012


The starting point of "boot themes" needs to be moved somewhat later.
During start, framebuffer usually is activated when the screen already is
under the "management" of chosen theme, which earlier made a check for number
of columns and rows. As a result, it gives an unpleasant effects, when using
e.g. "splitscreen" theme, for example: it found out, that the screen is of
size 25x80, but a second later the screen becomes 64x160 (framebuffer), with
theme unaware of the dimensions change.

Another little problem, probably related: after the system-boot has been
completed, when I'm logging in, the scrolling is blocked at the line 25
(although framebuffer gives 64 lines), which makes me think, that exactly
"splitscreen theme" is to blame. Of course, after "reset" the screen behaves

How could I get rid of these little annoyances?

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