[gobolinux-users] The state of Gobo

Sepero sepero111 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 01:53:58 NZST 2012

Hi, I'm new to the mailing list, but I just wanted to introduce myself
a bit. I'm a Linux user since about 2001, and I remember reading about
Gobo around the mid 2000's when I started making a few headlines. I
remember seeing Gobo and loving what I see. A lot of people gave Gobo
a snuff because of it's filesystem, without really looking at all the
other things Gobo offered through it design (like better package
management). I'm not the type to jump on early software, so through
the years I've occasionally peeked in on Gobo to see how it's
progressing, waiting for it to mature some more, because it is a
distribution I would love to use. Unfortunately, things now look like
they are going backward, and Gobo is losing momentum. Distrowatch has
marked Gobo as "dormant", and the Gobo forums have been taken down
recently for "too much spam". I hate to see this happening. Are the
people on this project tired now? I have some ideas that might be able
to help Gobo out. Unfortunately, I can't devote a large amount of
time, but I really want to see Gobo continue on for many more years to
come, and I'm willing to do what I can to help out.

I've encountered problems like the spam issue on the forums before,
and can it be solved very easily. I'm interested in discussing this
and more.

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