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Sepero sepero111 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 5 23:51:33 NZDT 2013

Thanks Zoli,
It looks great, keep up the good work!  :-)

On Fri, Apr 5, 2013 at 12:01 AM, Viola Zoltán <violazoli at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi, gobo-users! For claim/requirement I share my cca 30% finished new
> Gobo-release. This is only a very-very PRE-ALPHA release, ONLY and
> EXCLUSIVELY for obsessed Gobo-fans! This is HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED for
> beginners, juniors, "r=0 users"! This is only for "hackers", developers and
> "power-users"!
> Downloadable at this link:
> http://sanawad.bplaced.net/gobo/newgoboprealpha.tar.bz2
> As you can see, this is NOT an ISO file! Because I cannot create ISO from
> my existing system, because my kernel not have unionfs, (this needed for
> the CompressAndBuildISO script) and I cannot compile new kernel, because
> the menuconfig not work, because the damned, shit new ncurses not work good!
> Therefore, I compressed my system to this tar.bz2 file. Unpack it, and you
> can see 1 directory, named "NewGoboPreAlpha". From this directory copy all
> files and directoryes to a new existing (empty) partition, and set up the
> grub! (for ekzample, change the menu.lst file as should, depend at that you
> into which partition unpack this compressed file, and if you have an Ubuntu
> on any other partition, start it, mount the new gobo partition, and run as
> root: "update-grub"!)
> - This gobo release not have "ordinary" user, only root!
> - The root named NOT as "root", but as "pv". The root password:
> "violazoli".
> - No LibreOffice and OpenOfice!
> - No Gimp!
> - If you create a non-root user, the old KDE 3.5 presumably need work. For
> me it work good.
> - This system has Urxvt, not only Konsole.
> The principial, supreme, topmost jobs:
> - update the very old Udev
> - fixing the ncurses problem
> - new Guile
> - new Util-Linux.
> - recompile the kernel with the unionfs and GoboHide
> Thanks!
> Zoli
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