[gobolinux-users] Progress on a "spiritual" derivation of GoboLinux

Liam Proven lproven at gmail.com
Sun May 5 10:30:20 NZST 2013

On 4 May 2013 12:36, Sepero <sepero111 at gmail.com> wrote:
> IMHO Gobo hasn't withstood 14 revisions. It made a splash with it's
> filesystem layout in initial years, but has went progressively downhill
> since. This doesn't mean that the Hierarchy is bad, neither is the way it's
> handled bad. In fact, both are very good. Just that I think some major flaws
> were made in it's inception that were never (or never able to be?) fixed.
> Two primary ones stick out to me.
> The first being that it doesn't have a way to account for different builds
> of the same program with the same version. Things like the vendor and
> possibly compile flags do need to be taken into account. This would allow
> the administrator to have a custom source build of a program running along a
> stock build. (This may be partly to blame for why there was there never a
> 64bit Gobo.)

OK, true, but is this a common issue? Can one not just create
arbitrary ad-hoc names and use them?

> The second being capitalized folder/file names. The only reason I can figure
> that this was ever considered to be a good idea was because the designer was
> using zsh. Big fail. Bash is the industry standard, and it does not auto
> capitalize. Don't get me wrong, I think zshell is great, but many of us just
> want the standard. Basing a system around something that is not standard is
> begging for failure. Others may think I'm wrong and that's ok.

I think that's just for readability. OS X does it. MoonOS, as I've
just discovered, does it. Windows, of course, does it. RISC OS and
things do it.

> I'm just being honest in this, and I think there are a lot of great things
> about Gobo as a file hierarchy and OS. I just also think there are problems
> inherent to the core of the system, and they can't be worked out. They just
> have to be replaced.

OK, fair enough. I've not looked at it in depth and do not currently
even have a VM running it.

> I agree that Ben's analogy to filesystem creation isn't great. (Ext3? :))
> But I think Ben makes a great point with "accomplish your goals without
> changing the filesystem hierarchy standard". That's something I think makes
> a lot of sense.

I don't see how; that seems to contradict the intentions of Gobo to
me. What am I missing?

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