[gobolinux-users] GoboLinux 015 beta3.

K Lowe klowe at ricsonline.org
Tue Apr 22 03:13:46 NZST 2014

Hi Lucas,

Delighted to inform you that I was able to install (full) GoboLinux 


  - Perhaps for those not familiar with Enlightenment window manager 
there should be an opportunity to install an alternative desktop 
environment, e.g., XFCE or LXDE, either as a separate ISO or as an 
option in the GoboLinux Installer.
  - The Grub menu didn't list the existing operating system (Windows Vista).
  - No FlashPlayer plugin for Firefox was installed.
  - No Manager (graphical package management front-end) was installed.
  - Unable to mount disk partitions or USB drive.


]InstallPackage: Manager (Okay)
ImportError: No module named ManagerUI.

]Compile Freshen (Okay)
Freshen has encountered an internal error.

Regards Karl.

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