[gobolinux-users] [Announcement] GoboLinux 015 alpha

Lucas C. Villa Real lucasvr at gobolinux.org
Wed Jan 22 04:21:18 NZDT 2014


I am happy to announce the release of an alpha snapshot of GoboLinux 015
for i686.

This is the first version that had its preparation fully automated from
scratch, which means that following the bug reports collected from you all,
an ISO for x86_64 will be also produced for a round of tests. This
automation was possible thanks to the new GoboALFS project, which lies on
the shoulders of jhalfs from Linux From Scratch.

The download links below point you to the ISO and its MD5 sum:

There are a few known issues with this snapshot which I would like to let
you know beforehand:
- The Installer (especially its Qt based GUI) has not been tested yet
- KDE warnings related to MIME types
- udisksd and upowerd are not automatically started by dbus. As a
workaround, they are being launched by ~/.xinitrc
- polkitd is not automatically started by dbus either, and launching it
from the command line fails with permission-related problems
- There are some debug print messages in the kernel coming from AUFS (the
unionfs implementation adopted used in the LiveCD) that will be removed in
the final version
- Some machines with b43 wireless cards simply hanged at boot because of
missing firmware. As a workaround I have added the Linux-Firmware package
to this snapshot, but licensing terms would probably forbid us from doing
so in the final image. Hopefully a kernel upgrade will get that fixed.
- Firefox has been packed from the binary available at mozilla.org, but no
special permissions have been arranged on /Programs to let automatic
updates work

Please test the ISO and let us know of any other issues that you may find.
And, of course, help to properly address the shortcomings mentioned above
are greatly appreciated.

Best regards!
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