[gobolinux-users] GoboLinux 015 beta

Lucas C. Villa Real lucasvr at gobolinux.org
Wed Mar 5 12:40:21 NZDT 2014


It is with pleasure that I announce the availability of GoboLinux 015 beta
for i686. We have had a lot of good feedback from users (thanks!) and
therefore the ISO should be more stable and pleasant to use than it was in
alpha. Besides the usual fixes I would like to emphasize the following
improvements over the first snapshot:

- Installer works both in text and graphics (X11) mode (thanks to Hisham
and Andre Detsch)
- Installer translations for es_MX (thanks to Mario Alberto Garcia Alonso)
- DBus, Polkit, Udev and UDisks have been integrated fairly well with KDE4
- Upgrade to Linux 3.13.3 for improved SquashFS performance on the LiveDVD
- Adoption of EXTLINUX as bootloader (we already use SYSLINUX to boot the
- Support for LiveUSB (booting from a USB memory device)

There are some small known issues that are not yet fixed on this release.
They are:

- Funny ncurses widgets on rows containing accents on Installer (UTF-8)
- Some Bootloader themes won't render nicely due to the switch to UTF-8
- VLC cannot be launched from the LiveCD because it refuses to be executed
by the superuser
- Firefox won't automatically update after installed. One needs to set the
permissions of /Programs/Firefox so that he or she will have write access
to that directory.

The ISO can be downloaded from the following location:

As always, please let us know about your experience with this snapshot on
the mailing lists or on #gobolinux at irc.freenode.net.

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