[gobolinux-users] Booting Stuck at Starting ACPI Daemon

Hugo Barrocas barrocas75 at gmail.com
Mon May 26 19:17:42 NZST 2014

Yes, it only happened a couple of times, can't recall at what point
exactly, but the screen went black, then it just started going white from
the top left corner to the rest of the screen, it stalled, and that was it.
Hard reset and off it goes.
Reboot and it was fine..

No dia segunda-feira, 26 de Maio de 2014, Hisham <h at hisham.hm> escreveu:
> On 25 May 2014 11:51, Hugo Barrocas <barrocas75 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> My computer sometimes stalls at booting with the screen going all
>> white progressively, but after a restart all goes normal.
> Whoa, that's weird... as in a "fade out into white?" I've never seen
> anything like it. At which point of boot does that happen?
> -- Hisham
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