[gobolinux-users] Glibc-2.18

Egil Brendsdal egilb at ife.no
Tue Sep 2 11:43:45 NZST 2014

Is it possible to figure out how the pre-installed glibc-2.18 has been
configured in Gobo 015? What I suspect is that rpc-support isn't enabled
by the configure option --enable-obsolete-rpc,
(see http://upstream-tracker.org/changelogs/glibc/2.18/changelog.html):

"New configure option --enable-obsolete-rpc makes the deprecated RPC
headers and functions available at compile time as they were before
version 2.14.  This option will be removed at some time in the future
after the TI-RPC library becomes fully sufficient for the needs of
existing applications."

As Gobo 015 is now, I doubt any RPC applications can be built based on the
TI-RPC library.

Regards, Egil.

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