[gobolinux-users] Features ideas

Jean-Roch HUET jeanroch.huet at yahoo.fr
Sat Apr 4 03:48:50 NZDT 2015

I don't think so.

That may be right at the start, with MS-DOS and IBM-PC, but not now.

You know, when an OS come out, I have a hobby: I go to the store and I watch young people (newbies) and old people trying the computers.
That's how I always well predict if an OS will be a success or not (and I never failed).

It is very usefull to watch "innocent" (= ignorant) people to learn about ergonomy.

I ever saw young people using Linux, and they always talk about the same errors :
- / => What is it? On which disk is that?
- FHS => What does that folder mean?

Mac is another problem. Their politic is just to stole money on people who have too much to feed their stockholders, their business model rested on Steeve Jobs, since he died Apple accumulated debts, I don't think their business model will continue during years.

Le 03/04/2015 14:46, Hugo Barrocas a écrit :
> Windows has the commercial advantage, and will continue, just because
> it already comes pre-installed with almost any computer you may buy
> (Microsoft smartest move ever), and most people use it, without even
> knowing that Linux exists.
> Installing any other OS over the one you already have (win) is a
> challenge most normal users won't dare to risk.
> Mac is a more speciallized option, but also pre-installed.

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