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Jean-Roch HUET jeanroch.huet at yahoo.fr
Sat Apr 4 04:12:27 NZDT 2015

"Also, why use another character for something which can be done just with one?"

- Windows and network standards: 0D0A
- Linux and Unix Standards: 0A
- MacOSX: 0D
Logically, which is compatible with every systems? Only one: 0D0A.

"What I'm starting to think is that what you want is Windows with a nice core and good technologies underneath."

No, I want a free and opensource system secured to suggest a base for work in entreprise.
ReactOS is not enough safe and compatible. Nos compatible Linux to allow to use Linux softwares.

Linux is not enough user-friendly to make possible the work in entreprise.

This reality seems to be the base of GoboLinux: make the system user-friendly.

The popularity of Windows is not based on fear from other system.

It is based on habits: Poeple makes habits using PC. It tooks years, but they have.

And if you want an OS to be used, you have to adapt it on people's habits.

That's the error Microsoft did removing the Start Menu on Windows 8 => It was a magnificent failure (and Balmer was fired for that).

If you want to develop Linux, Linux has to adapt itself to people's habit, this is not people to adapt themselves to the OS.
That's a point most on Linux users don't understand.

Le 03/04/2015 15:10, Sergio Tortosa Benedito a écrit :
> Ow, misclick sorry for the blank message.
> *Jean-Roch HUET  wrote:*
>>Yes, by default, all of the extensions are hidden.
>>This is a mistake, I think so, this is very usefull to see extensions, most of Windows users turn it off.
>>It has been made because users, without knowing what an extension is, removed the extensions when they renamed the files.
> This IS a mistake, a HUGE mistake (unless properly handled, something which doesn't happens in Windows, and even then it would be difficult for advanced users) indeed.
>>Windows 7 solved the problem : when you rename a file, the name without the extension is selected. If you whish to change the >extension, you have to click on it to select it. It makes you understand you shouldn't remove it. This is clever
> I think Linux have that (and maybe even before Windows, but this is pure especulation, I don't remember)
>> Linux just have to adopt the CrLf (0D0A) (and not just 0A) and it will be great.
>>But this is not the same problem...
> I'm happy you post this here, as if you posted it elsewhere you would get laughed at loudly. Granted, Windows is the dominant OS today, but try to tell this same thing to a computer scientist and ,probably,what you will get is a fierish glance in the best of the cases. Indeed, the standard is not windows line-ends but Linux's one, or rather, Unix ones, as ,AFAIK, every non-Windows OS (that is, every OS except Windows and React OS) use Unix ones. Also, why use another character for something which can be done just with one?
> What I'm starting to think is that what you want is Windows with a nice core and good technologies underneath. Don't try this, it may be OK to try imitate the front-end up to some degree (yet I would love to debate this), but don't Windowsize Linux, that won't work.
> PD: If you really love Windows (something I don't know) you shoudl try React OS, it is meant to be the open-source cousin of Windows (100% with Microsoft OS).
> Hugo Barrocas wrote:
>>Windows has the commercial advantage, and will continue, just because
>>it already comes pre-installed with almost any computer you may buy
>>(Microsoft smartest move ever), and most people use it, without even
>>knowing that Linux exists.
>>Installing any other OS over the one you already have (win) is a
>>challenge most normal users won't dare to risk.
>>Mac is a more speciallized option, but also pre-installed.
> That's true, and sad. Even if they know Linux exists they won't install it just by hearing how difficult it is, however, I think Linux still needs a lot of polish to be the desktop killer (I won't even talk about phones), so they fears may be somewhat founded after all (but that does not mean I won't try to lure them to the penguin side :) ). There's a point in my life when I start to think we should focus on improving the desktop, instead of marketing or cross-features.
> --Sergio
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