[gobolinux-users] Features ideas

Jean-Roch HUET jeanroch.huet at yahoo.fr
Sat Apr 4 06:50:18 NZDT 2015

Always evetybordu use Windows Explorer, they don't know that another explorer could exist.

To hide .lnk files helps to improve ergonomy. That's not roght or wrong, that's just an habits taken after years...

FHS = File Hierarchy System = The system of the folders that changes on GoboLinux.

Le 03/04/2015 18:04, Mark Filipak a écrit :
> On 04/03/2015 07:07 AM, Jean-Roch HUET wrote:
> -snip-
>> However, windows doesn't show some extensions even when you disable
>> the feature : extensions ".lnk" ans ".url" are "superhidden" on
>> windows, shortcuts always apprears without extension.
> That my be true if your file manager is Windows Explorer, Microsoft's
> default file manager, but other Windows file managers show '.lnk' &
> '.url' &tc. Those file extensions are not "superhidden". I don't know
> why anyone would ever want to hide anything.
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