[gobolinux-users] 'startx' partly fails + corrupt zsh history file

Lucas C. Villa Real lucasvr at gobolinux.org
Sun Apr 5 12:29:35 NZST 2015

On Sat, Mar 28, 2015 at 3:19 PM, Mark Filipak <markfilipak.linux at gmail.com>

> Two questions:
> 1, My new installation boots to a command line. Is that usual? (Note
> that submitting 'startx' at the command line results in a switch to a
> uniformly gray screen that has an immovable mouse cursor at its center,
> but that otherwise is empty.)
> 2, After I login, I see a line that says "zsh: corrupt history file
> /Users/root/.cache/zsh_history". Is this something that should concern
> me? (Note that this first appeared upon reboot following an attempt to
> submit "Compile WindowMaker" as suggested by Lucas (which ended with an
> error).)
> Supporting Info:
> The Gobo installation is into a VirtualBox virtual machine. The VM has
> drivers, called "Guest Additions", on a CD ISO image,
> 'VBoxGuestAdditions.iso', that is mounted in the VM. The CD is
> electronically labeled "VBOXADDITIONS_4.3.26_98988". Running a shell
> script, '/VBoxLinuxAdditions.run', on that CD may help the situation.
> However, from the Gobo command line, "ls /Mount/CD-ROM" returns nothing.
> I have about 3200 more questions and problems, but I'd like to start
> small. :-)
Hi Mark,

Today I installed VirtualBox-OSE 4.3.26 and attempted to boot the LiveCD.
All went fine: mouse works and Enlightenment is loaded as expected.

My VM settings are set as:

  Operating system: other Linux (32-bit)
  Acceleration: VT-x/AMD-V, Nested Paging, PAE/NX

  Video memory: 32MB
  Remote desktop server: Disabled
  Video capture: disabled

  IDE primary master: [CD/DVD] GoboLinux-015-i686.iso
  IDE secondary master: empty

Other than that, I've enabled the Serial port and the USB controller. USB
2.0 (EHCI) is disabled. The kernel modules have also been loaded by calling
'/etc/init.d/vboxdrv start' on the host.

Hope this helps somehow.
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