[gobolinux-users] Installing GoboLinux

Joel Roth joelz at pobox.com
Wed Apr 8 18:36:08 NZST 2015

Mark Filipak wrote:
> Yes, everything I attempt to run provokes the application error shown at
> my web site.
> Regarding "other programs from the 'start' menu", where's the "start"
> menu? I suspect that you refer to the handful of launchers that come up
> when I click the desktop? Yes? If so, that indeed is where I attempt to
> launch terminal.

> As I explain in my posting, I can't find a file manager, but I tried
> launching other applications and none of them would run cleanly. In
> fact, none of them would even open a window.

Hi Mark,

If you can boot a multiuser operating system, log in, and
get a shell prompt, you can consider yourself to be in good
shape.  I can remember when it wasn't always easy to get
that far. Getting X11 running was icing on the cake.

If you can get a shell prompt, you can easily compile one of the
simpler window managers, such as icewm or twm.  

I understand wanting to have a file manager. A lot of people
are used to or expect that. You can solve this, too,
although it will be a step at a time.

I think mostly everyone who installs their own Linux system
has to go through some growing and learning pains.  It helps
to poke around the file hierarchy, especially /etc and your
$HOME directory where config files live.  Until you get a
graphic file manager installed, you can do this with classic
shell commands (like cd, ls, cp, mv, find and locate) or
with a program like Midnight Commander. 

You go through a apprenticeship in exchange for getting more
knowledge and more control of the system, and configuring it
to serve your own purposes.

Microsoft, Apple and Google can give you a full GUI
environment out-of-the-box, due to their huge investment and
economies of scale.  In exchange for that, you do things
their way, including an upgrade treadmill.

If you configure your own system, it's yours forever.
Both approaches can work.

Have fun!



Joel Roth

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