[gobolinux-users] Installing GoboLinux

Hugo Barrocas barrocas75 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 20:14:54 NZST 2015

After seeing your screenshot of Enlightenment, looks like there are
missing parts.
So things don't work, and it's easy to hate it :)

Mine is changed a lot, but from the start, there were a bottom bar,
with a start menu, app icons, and other stuff.

Start menu is pulled anywere, just by clicking on the desktop.

Anyway, since you hate Enlightenment so much, I believe what you want is this:


It's a beta release of Gobo015, before Enlightenment was adopted, so,
it still runs on KDE.
It's a beta version, so you should know how that goes...but take it
for a spin and check it out.


D.er Hugo Barrocas

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