[gobolinux-users] Fedora/RedHat is moving is a similar direction

Sergio Tortosa Benedito sertorbe at gmail.com
Sun Aug 23 22:09:31 NZST 2015

I don't think they are the same in many ways, let me summarize those
- Gobo does not use bundles. Sure, our applications are contained inside
one folder, but bundles are meant to be standalone (i.e:  do not need any
dependencies), while our packages are not.

- They plan to use snapshots, tying them to btrfs, something I don't like,
as I find btrfs slow for desktops ( though I think my opensuse has it and I
don't find slow at all)

- They want to have a fixed base (what they call runtimes) leading to
greater use of disk space and (potientially) of RAM.

Although we are not using bundles right now, we might use them in the
future, through a software called limba.

--Best regards, Sergio.
Although in their case the goal is better sandboxing, the consequences
lead to package management similar to Gobo.

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