[gobolinux-users] Node node_modules directory

Sergio Tortosa Benedito sertorbe at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 00:34:30 NZST 2015

Hmmm... I never used node.js so i can't say... But moving away from
home sounds  too much to me, we should concentrate on making some
directories standard( .config and .local, for example) and if we want
to separate config from user's files, move those.

If you want to know about /usr, then you may want to read this:
--Best regards, Sergio

2015-08-21 0:09 GMT+02:00 Trans <transfire at gmail.com>:
> How do Gobo users feel about the `node_modules` directory being placed
> in ones home directory? When I learned that there was no way to
> relocate it I was disappointed. After all the progress XDG has made in
> getting so many of those dot files out of everyone's home folders, I
> was rather floored that Dahl just didn't consider it an issue at all.
> It makes me wonder if it is really just hopeless and `/home` should be
> abandoned to the purpose of application "settings and saves", and true
> user files moved to a separate folder altogether. It occurs to me that
> something similar probably happened to /usr a long time ago.
> -trans
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