[gobolinux-users] Announced NeXTBSD

Sergio Tortosa Benedito sertorbe at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 10:49:45 NZST 2015

I've been reading the post and it does meontion They state that the
parser is inside launchd and thus inside PID 1 , in the video they say
this is wrong but it looks like the poster knows the video so he/she
may be true after all. Was an awesome read (indeed I have opened two
more articles to read them). Now, I'm going to be honest, whenever I
look into any system my only concern is how good they could be to make
a desktop, really, so I really don't care about launchd being so
desktop-specific. What I find really interesting is that is the second
time I have seen nosh mentioned, it seems it's considered the
state-of-art in init systems (only the first time I read about it, the
author said it was not in a bery good state due to lack of manpower).

On a side note, every now and then I look into FreeBSD, and I'm liking
it more and more, up to the point I'm starting to wonder which one is
"better" , but I mean technically which one has better internal
design, better code (more elegant, lass dirty ...) , does anyone has
any opinion/knowledge/post/information video to share?

--Best regards, Sergio

2015-08-30 22:21 GMT+02:00 Joel Roth <joelz at pobox.com>:
> Sergio Tortosa Benedito wrote:
>> Hi there,since I think most of us are OS geeks  wanted to share that
>> people from FreeBSD are working on another project called NeXTBSD /
>> FreeBSD X  (I think the later is meant as a pun). Basically, they have
>> taken some interesting technology that Apple made for OS X and added
>> it to a FreeBSD base. For now the have been working on the common
>> object runtime, libdispatch, ASL, libnotify and launchd as well as
>> some Mach charateristics. Anyone interested here's the (loooong) video
>> in which they talk about NeXTBSD.
>> http://www.nextbsd.org/jordan-hubbard-visits-bafug/
> It will be interesting to see what they come up with.
> Here is a critique of their choice to port launchd:
> http://blog.darknedgy.net/technology/2015/08/26/0/
> Cheers,
> Joel
>> --Best regards, Sergio
> --
> Joel Roth
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