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Jonas Neumann gobolinux at tschanness.de
Mon Jan 26 03:41:27 NZDT 2015

1) Both, you can  use Compile to build it yourself or use
InstallPackage. Compile is the preferred way and normaly more recent
versions are available as recipe and not as Binary.

2) Afaik nothing.

3) You can use the Layout in your home directory but adapting a whole
distribution would be too complicated.

4) The recipe store is what you want. http://recipes.gobolinux.org/r/

5) They are installed as Programs and made available system wide.

6e) Well, I thought Compile and MakeRecipe are quiete easy to
understand but you will need to invest a lot of time into gobo - wich
will result in a deeper understanding in linux (at least that was the
way it was for me). Using gobo as a main distro for Servers - I guess
I would not but that is up to you.

7) The installation is just ~800MB ISO and results in a little over
1.5GB IIRC. It is mostly self explainatory.

Hope that helps,


On Sun, Jan 25, 2015 at 2:25 PM, kinn grimm <kinngrimm at googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> i am looking for another distro and found gobolinux to have an interesting
> concept.
> Perhaps you could help me clarify a few of the questions i would have.
> I also have to admit i am byfar no expert, i know a few basics about linux,
> but i am willing to learn more.
> 1) Is Gobolinux building from source or does it have prepared bin
> repositories?
> And is in any case 'compile' your basic installation command?
> 2) funtoo lists Gobolinux as a gentoo fork thats how i found Gobolinux, but
> on the wikipedia entry and on the gobolinux website it is said that there
> was only a timelimited tryout with gentoo as base. So Gobolinux has nothing
> to do anymore with gentoo?
> 3) How about other linux distros as base for this type of file system?
> Can the Filesystem be seen and used like an abstraction layer for other
> distros?
> Like f.e.
> a) "Parabola GNU/Linux-libre", which uses only free software. I read in your
> Release Notes that you dont use propritary software, which is not teh same
> as using only free software. How about the kernel? I am not comeplettly
> religious when it comes to this, but would prefer free over open soruce and
> open source over proprietary software, while always having usability and
> simplicity as the values to messure.
> b) "Tails" which is said to have very high Privacy Protection and uses from
> the start TOR for connections to the internet. I intent to get a little more
> serrious about my privacy but again, when it is overly complex to install
> and handle. I am in these cases often conventiently ignoring the best and go
> for the easiest ^^.
> 4) On the website a list of maintained packages was mentioned but i was not
> able to find it. Would you point me towards that?
> I have quite a list of applications i would like to use, but if have of them
> would not run within Gobolinux, i'd rather wait a little longer to use this
> distro.
> 5) What happens to all the libs which are not within a programm, but are
> needed, the dependencies which maybe no running programms on their own. How
> does Gobolinux handle those?
> 6) with the Linux experience i had sofar(Suse 6/7, fedora and ubuntu),
> installations were at times quite troublesome especially when it came to
> compilations and dependencies.
> Therefor when i looked for a new distro and found 4 promising ways how those
> are handled.
> a) ArchBang, based on Arch Linux, pacman as the packagaemanger which uses
> binaries, which but may cause havoc as these distros is going with 'rolling
> updates'
> b) funtoo, gentoo based, which does everything from source compilation, but
> from what i read about it, it still seemed quite userfriendly, also with
> another distro called 'calculate'
> c) foresight, independent, had very high praise from distrowatch exactly
> about their package management, but it seems still not quite ready in its
> ealry stages
> d) Mint, based on Ubuntu, praised to be very userfriendly(that would be
> basicly me ^^ i guess)
> e) Gobolinux, gentoo based(?)/independent, with a total differetn and
> seemingly very simple to understand handling of files. But also still in an
> early stage.
> Did i summerize this nearly correctly?
> Anyways the real question i guess is, while i need a development workstation
> and also at some point development and life servers, which in both cases
> should then in the end be linux machines, the question is would i have to
> put, in the current state of Gobolinux, more time into realisation all this
> then f.e. with any of the other distros i mentioned.
> 7) Your wiki seems to be offline, where can i get an installation howto?
> If there is no such thing, how big is the download
> thanks in adavance for any help you could grant me
> solong
> kinngrimm
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