[gobolinux-users] [ANN] GoboLinux 016.01-alpha

Lucas C. Villa Real lucasvr at gobolinux.org
Wed Mar 8 17:37:48 NZDT 2017

Greetings, everyone!

Since the release of 016 we have received several feedback from users who
experienced GoboLinux on a number of different hardware and who exercised
the distro in interesting ways. We have collected all the feedback since
December 2016 and decided to work on a new release that fixes reported
issues in order to offer you a more stable foundation to play with.

This is the first snapshot of what will become GoboLinux 016.01. It
features the following improvements over 016:
- Support for Core2 processors (upgrades to GCC and GMP packages)
- Compile bug fix: fixes missing files when building dependencies of a
- Compile bug fix: enables compilation of packages on the LiveCD
- Fixes Xorg support on VirtualBox and VMware
- Fixes path to SSL certificates
- Fixes to LibFFI's pkgconfig file
- Improves the detection of other operating systems when creating the GRUB
config file
- Kernel command line: adds 'rootwait' option to enable installation on
external hard disks
- Kernel: adds virtualization drivers for HyperV
- Automatic updates BOOTx64.EFI on UEFI systems upon the compilation of a
new kernel
- Grub settings no longer have to be changed upon a kernel upgrade (it now
uses the /System/Kernel/Boot/kernel symlink)
- Improves navigation of man and info pages through updated Pinfo settings
- Includes missing locale files from LibX11
- Creates missing links from DocBook-XSL-Stylesheets

New packages and package updates:
- Adds CryptSetup: enables mounting of encrypted partitions from the LiveCD
- Adds Listener: automatically cleans up broken links upon the removal of
entries from /Programs
- Updates the Linux kernel to version 4.9.4
- Updates BootScripts to remove warnings at shutdown and reboot time
- Updates Scripts to use unionfs-fuse sandboxing on the LiveCD
- Updates OpenSSL to version 1.0.2k
- Updates Linux-Firmware from git
- Updates Firefox to version 52.0
- Updates Awesome to version 4.0
- Updates Python 3.6.0 package, including support for the tkinter module
- Updates Gobo-Awesome to 0.3
- Updates Gobo-Awesome-Sound to 0.2
- Updates GoboNet to 0.9 and Gobo-Awesome-GoboNet to 0.2
- Updates OS-Prober (improved detection of other operating systems)
- Removes NCSA-Mosaic + dependencies. It was fun to ship 016 with that
ancient browser, but that's enough now :)

The ISO can be downloaded here:

- MD5: 018636efe94671478f41e24624eeed38
- SHA256: 4ee1d912a7a0414f1c14541c28260a9dd9e60c5ad6ccb60ec273cf27b36d50e6

Please give it a spin and let us know how it runs for you. We'll be
collecting reports in the coming days here in the mailing list and on
#gobolinux at irc.freenode.net.

Lucas, on behalf of the GoboLinux team
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