[gobolinux-users] [ANN] GoboLinux 016.01

Lucas C. Villa Real lucasvr at gobolinux.org
Tue May 9 04:23:25 NZST 2017

2017-05-08 11:03 GMT-03:00 Hugo Barrocas <barrocas75 at gmail.com>:

> Oi Lucas,
> nesta versão 0.16.01, o meu espaço Swap foi activado como disco de
> armazenamento, vou alterar o fstab para corrigir, mas pensava que este
> pormenor ja estava resolvido desde as versoes anteriores.
> Ao fazer InstallPackage RPM, tambem nao pediu para instalar a
> dependencia  'db 5.1.19'

Oi Hugo -- following up on English for the sake of archiving

I have just noticed that we use the output of "fdisk -l" to detect
partition and partition types, and that is prone to errors when the
language is set to anything different from en_US. I presume you selected
pt_PT in the Live ISO's boot menu?

I'll take a look at the dependencies of the binary packages and will upload
new versions as needed. Thanks for the feedback.

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